Storm Flag’s was founded by three veteran online game developers who share a combined five decades of experience building and leading massively multiplayer online game franchises. We are bringing together everything we know about multiplayer technology, game design, free-to-play and social features in order to enable new connected, persistent game experiences that bring people together. 


Co-Founder and CEO

Since studying computer science and theater arts at MIT, Fernando has spent the last 18 years leading technical and creative teams building 3 massively multiplayer game engines, 9 major game releases and countless live game updates. Fernando got hooked on real-time massively multiplayer games since he led social and game teams for the social world. Fernando and Kate, together, changed the MMO industry pioneering the transition of Dungeons & Dragons: Online to a Free-to-Play business model ahead of other western online titles. Fernando also built out WB’s mobile strategy game platform, as the creator of Batman: Arkham Underworld for iOS and Android.



Co-Founder and VP, Product

Kate brings to Storm Flag a long experience in developing and running games as a service franchises. Passionate about delivering high quality games while maintaining a clear understanding of the cost and timelines associated with ongoing development, Kate is proud to have been Executive Producer WB's hit online franchises Game of Thrones: Conquest and The Lord of the Rings Online which she led to be named PC Gamer MMO of the Year in January 2011.  Kate looks forward to creating amazing multiplayer games at Storm Flag!


Co-Founder and Lead Engineer

Now a 13 year veteran of the games industry, David is still enchanted by the challenge of building social games that connect people. He was Sr. Server Engineer on two of the PC MMO industry's major titles, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online, and led technology for the recent hit mobile war game Game of Thrones: Conquest through pre-production. Before finding his way into software, he graduated with a degree in Physics from Duke University. Outside of work he enjoys running and hiking, playing the flute, and occasionally throwing down a mean Guile in Street Fighter.   


Art Director

With nearly 20 years of experience developing video games, Jeff is an true industry veteran.   He has had a diverse career, ranging from roles at Nintendo, Stainless Steel, and N-Space, to his time at WB Games/Turbine, where his Art Direction elevated the Dungeons & Dragons Online art to new heights.  Jeff has worked with many well regarded IPs such as The Walking Dead and Marvel, in addition to various movie licenses.  Jeff holds degrees in both Computer Science and Art from SUNY Polytechnic and DigiPen, and enjoys blending the art and science of video games into aesthetic greatness.