STORM FLAG is driving the next generation of PERSISTENT MULTIPLAYER games for connected mobile devices.

Storm Flag Games was founded in February of 2017 to develop world-class real-time multiplayer games based on our proprietary cross-platform HTML5 game engine. Our vision is to connect players into a shared real-time game session in seconds from any device or platform.

We believe that deeply social, connected, persistent games will continue to grow on mobile, console, and emerging platforms.  We’re developing technology that will allow us to be where the gamers are, and to bring them fun, rewarding party-based play.

Our primary market is mid-core to core gamers on mobile. With our proprietary technology, we can easily grow to other platforms including PC, consoles and embedded chat platforms.

We strongly believe in the opportunity to create a character-driven, deeply social games with broad appeal for gamers on all platforms. STORM FLAG welcomes fellow believers to our adventuring party!