Storm Flag Games is building the next great e-sports game for everyone on mobile & Switch. Our veteran team has decades of experience in MMO games and a passion for the power of connected game play. Our proprietary multiplayer platform has been designed to be the most responsive with the smallest footprint – great for quick downloading and getting new players right into the action.

E-sports is growing fast. As the segment expands, new innovative titles will grow the genre to reach both core and mid-core gamers. Our bet is that the e-sports audience for mid-core games will continue to grow on mobile, console, and emerging platforms. We’re developing technology that will allow us to be where the gamers are, and to bring them fun, rewarding party-based gameplay in a familiar, classic setting. Our tech and our gameplay are designed to work on other platforms and we can easily expand to PC, other consoles and embedded chat platforms using our proprietary HTML5 game engine.

We strongly believe in the opportunity to create e-sports worthy multiplayer game experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone. We are building a classic character-driven RPG, with great party-based game play that makes it easy to play with your friends - whether they prefer cooperative or competitive play. Our games let you quickly connect with a nearby friend, start a game with players from your friends list and/or have your friends spectate you during a match. Storm Flag welcomes fellow believers to our adventuring party!