Storm Flag Inc. offers consulting and development services in massively-scalable online game technology, game design and monetization for games on PC, console and mobile platforms. Our team has proven experience in:

  • Full Lifecycle Development of MMO Strategy and RPG online games

  • Award-winning Adaptations of AAA licensed IP

  • Free to Play business model & live game management

  • Server / back-end scalability & cost optimization

  • Unity client performance & stability

Based in Boston, our team has expertise in developing PC, console and mobile video games, and has successfully implemented the user experience, tools and technology for several multiplayer online games.  We can bring decades of knowledge and experience to our clients in the following areas:


  • Unity Engine development

  • Multiplatform Online Game Client Architecture

  • Realtime Multiplayer Servers & Databases

  • Client Performance

  • Launch Scale & Load Readiness

  • Cloud Persistence

  • 2D & 3D Graphics development

  • Build & Release Tools

  • Seamless Deployment Tools

  • C++, C#, HTML5, Javascript, Canvas


Games as a Service

  • Free to Play Game Design

  • User Interface / Usability Optimization

  • Live Operations & Tools

  • Analytics Collection & Analysis

  • Player Retention

  • In-app Purchases

  • In-game Ads

  • Facebook & FB Messenger Integration

  • Game Pitch Creation / Iteration

Please email us at to discuss how we can help your project!